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Paper: The Attentional Cost of Receiving a Cell Phone Notification

Your cell phone is killing your productivity, but not for the reason you think

You asked: Am I addicted to my phone?

The New York Times
Incentivize people to ignore their phones while driving

That text message is more distracting than you think

When it comes to dealing with distractions, sweating the small stuff makes scientific sense

The Huffington Post
Turn off the notifications on your phone. They're ruining your life!

The Huffington Post
8 fascinating things we learned about the mind in 2015

The Wall Street Journal
A simple solution for distracted driving

Why it's so easy to ignore your to-do list app but get distracted by Twitter

The Daily Mail
Why your phone is driving you to distraction: The sound of a text alert 'can divert our attention as much as reading it'

El Pais
Ignorar las notificaciones del móvil distrae tanto como recibirlas

Psychology Today
Notifications are the new distractions: Why you should create whitelists and leave your phone in your office

Push notifications: Just as distracting as a phone call

Harvard Business Review
Just hearing your phone buzz hurts your productivity

USA Today
5 reasons to put down your phone when you're not alone

India Today
Phone notifications can impair concentration: Study

The Atlantic
Push notifications are as distracting as phone calls

Business Insider
Your phone is making you less productive and prone to mistakes

Zee News
Phone notifications kill concentration: Study

New York Magazine
Your cell phone is distracting you even if you're trying to ignore it

Ars Technica
Merely receiving a phone notification is enough to distract a driver

Fast Company
An app alert is as distracting as a phone call, even if you ignore it

Fast Company
15 habits that will totally transform your productivity

Mental Floss
Cell phones distract you even on vibrate, study says

Singapore Today
It's time to limit personal use of mobile phones during work

Business Standard
Phone notifications kill concentration: Study

Digital Trends
Study says smartphone notifications are ruining our concentration

MIT Technology Review
Smarter smartphone alerts come in when you want them

Miami Herald
Workplace distractions a thief of time

Study: Smartphones are distracting us even when we aren't looking at them

Cell phone notifications can impair concentration, reveals study

This seemingly minor smartphone feature is a major productivity suck

Smartphone notifications kill your concentration

The Times of India
Those smartphone notifications hamper your productivity: Study

The New Indian Express
Notifications kill concentration

Cell phone alerts are dangerous to drivers

Cell calls, texts can distract even if unanswered

Medical Daily
Cell phone notifications: How even getting a short text can distract you completely

U.S. News and World Report
Cell calls, texts can distract even if unanswered

Network World
Researchers sound alarm about the role of any and all phone sounds in distracted driving

NDTV Gadgets
Smartphone notifications can impair concentration: Study

MSN News
Push notifications are as distracting as phone calls

Are push notifications on your phone distracting you? Study shows they're as attention-grabbing as phone calls

How to be on your phone less with 5 easy tips

The Financial Express
Smartphone notifications may hamper your work: Study

Verdens Gang
Studie: Meldingslyder forstyrrer like mye som ringing

The Economic Times
Smartphone notifications may hamper your work: Study

Sveriges Radio
Meddelanden från telefonen distraherar

The Cheat Sheet
Productivity hack: Why you need to silence your phone

Study: Cell phone notifications can impair driving

New study shows impact of cell phone notifications on drivers

Inside a driving simulator: How much of a distraction is your cell phone?

Saying "no" to notifications?

Smartphone notifications are killing your concentration

Space Coast Daily
Florida state study reveals cell phone alerts impair driver's focus

Paper: Is the Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Cognition a Placebo Effect?

The New York Times
Does exercise really make us smarter?

China Times
研究證實 四肢發達 頭腦不簡單

The Sydney Morning Herald
Florida researchers test theory that physical exercise aids mental health

Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Stronger brain: Real or placebo?

Philadelphia Magazine
Good news: Exercise really does make you smarter

Does physical exercise aid mental health

San Antonio Express-News
Checking exercise’s placebo effect

Paper: The Pervasive Problem with Placebos in Psychology: Why Active Control Groups are not Sufficient to Rule out Placebo Effects

National Geographic
Nice results, but what did you expect?

Popular Science
The major flaw in brain training studies: People in the control group always realize they're just playing Tetris for hours

The Huffington Post
Is the placebo effect dangerous?

Science Daily
Placebo effect largely ignored in psychological intervention studies

The Washington Post
A point no one has (apparently) made before

Lack of placebo hobbles studies of brain-training

When is expectation not a confound? On the necessity of active controls

Big Think
Placebo effects: Psychology’s fundamental flaw? Why active controls are not enough

Brain-training claims questioned

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